Mindfulness Exercise – Draw in the Sand   Recently updated !

The hardest part of this mindfulness exercise is finding sand. I suppose you could draw in shaving cream, or rice in a pan. Sand is awesome to work with because each grain contains the story of mountains, and time, and the relationship between Earth and Water. Sand is basically magic. So, find some […]

mindfulness exercise draw in sand

change your life with a habit tracker graphic

Change Your Life with a Habit Tracker   Recently updated !

What do you really want your life to look like? Which activities bring you joy and support your well being? When you know what you want to cultivate, change your life with a Habit Tracker. What Are You Proud Of? The key to positive change is to track the right things. […]

Sumi Watercolor and Zendoodle Rice Paper Invitation   Recently updated !

  Snail Mail Magic Don’t you just love it when you receive a beautiful note in the mail?  There is something special about a handwritten letter or a handmade card. The physical object has energy. Like an original work of art, it has a unique quality, a power. Making Art […]

art journal planning watercolor and zendoodle invitation

mindfulness exercise - small signs of life

Small Signs of Life – A Mindfulness Exercise 2   Recently updated !

The challenge of this mindfulness exercise is to notice the SMALL Signs of Life. More often than not its the bugs, mice, and birds that are overlooked in our everyday. They blend into the scenery. They lack significance in their commonness. Look for a small critter in your home (possibly an unwelcome one), […]

Turn It Upside Down – A Mindfulness Exercise

Find an everyday object, something so common, it gets overlooked. And, Turn It Upside Down. Look at the bottom. What did you learn? How does looking at something from a different angle change the way you perceive it? What did you learn about yourself  while investigating this ordinary object?   “If […]

mindfulness exercise

mindful and kid-safe household cleaner trading card

How to Make a Mindful Kid-Safe Cleaning Product 8

I like bleach. I grew up on bleach. The smell of toxic chemicals cleaning my bathroom has always been reassuring. Disturbing, now that I know more about the effects of bleach on the respiratory system. Ok, I had heard rumors of “natural” cleaning products, but honestly I just haven’t cared enough to […]