Mindful Homemaking
Mindful Homemaking
making a home and connecting with spirit
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transforming the mundane into the sacred


Mind Your Home

Mindfulness can transform our relationship with home, and we can embrace our physical work as our spiritual work. This is the practice of attending to, and accepting, the energy of the here and now. We can also connect with seasonal and lunar cycles to honor powers beyond our control. Tarot, journaling, I-Ching, gardening, and even housekeeping are tools used in this household to connect with home.


Embrace Your soul's purpose

This is about discovering your legacy.What will you do with this one wild and precious life? What dream wants to live through you?  Embracing Your Journey is a collection of meditations, Tarot spreads, and rituals to help you find your soul's purpose. Engage your wisest self and live a more soulful and intentional life. 


Make Your Magic

Breathe magic into your everyday. This is the art of making a home that engages your wisest self and keeps you focused on your goals. In this home we tap into the power of lunar cycles, positive affirmations, Feng Shui, community, and more. Be the architect of your own experience. Make your home support the life you dream. 



Mindfully Made Bags

Each bag a meditation

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