Hello curious one,

I am a writer, artist, mother, educator, Tarot reader, mindfulness practitioner, and ritualist. I help people find work-life balance through practical and mystical practices. 




I am seeking and dreaming of . And, what I want the most is home. It is a sacred and beautiful space that means different things to different people. 

My longing for Home can be physical, emotional, and spiritual. Even I worry I will never find home. The quest for Home finds me wanting, always wanting. And, in seeking, I forget to appreciate. The wanting pulls me out of the present moment.

The challenge is to BE home and MAKE home, instead of always searching for it.

So, this is me, helping you (and myself) find peace and magic in the everyday. 


I thought I was meant to be a classroom teacher. I still kind of think I will go back, but my soul was dying. I was empathically experiencing the emotional rollercoasters of my students, continually thrashed upon the rocks of doubt and emails. 


the author

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